How Girls Ignoring the Noise of Internet Advice in 2015

The internet is awash with a confusing array of advice about the way we spend our money, eat our food, and think about the world. There’s always some new superfood, some deadly allergen lurking in your pantry, some money miracle, or some political villain to vilify. It takes some experience and maturity to see a lot of this stuff for what it is: clickbait. In order to regain our headspace and our happiness, we’ve got to learn how to tune out this noise and live our lives as best we know how. After years of digging through internet advice, I’m going to share my own 2015 resolutions/advice, things I think work for most people. It’s the stuff I’m going to follow at least, while I ignore the endless blogroll advice hype.

  1. Food. I’m going to continue cutting out processed foods. If a food has a commercial on TV, internet, or radio, it will not find its way into my refrigerator. There are, of course, exceptions. I still love mac and cheese fresh from the box. But generally, if I eat it at my house, I’m cutting it up, cooking it, and making it from scratch. For processed items that I do eat, I try to avoid ingredient lists with more than 10 items. I’m also going to eat mostly: quality meat products, veggies, and dry good products like lentils and rice. This is just what I enjoy, what makes me feel good. Once you’ve managed to cut down your groceries to that which is good for you, just eat what you enjoy. Things I’m not worrying about this year: fat, superfoods, anything advertised with the word “miracle”. Things I am remaining conscious of: too much carbs. I will enjoy coffee every day and drink more water.

  1. Money. There are actually a few finance blogs that I think are really helpful. But I’ve learned a lot about personal finance in the past year, so I’m going to stick to what I’ve learned and make sure I put it into practice. So in 2015 I am going to 1) Max out my IRA, 2) pay only the monthly minimum on my mortgage, 3) buy a second income property, 4) save 30% of my earnings, 5) make more money in side ventures, 6) splurge on one awesome vacation, 7) read books on investment and real estate, 8) keep an eye on my credit score (which is awesome!). This list could be greatly simplified. Basically, live within your means and make sure you’re saving. Save for retirement too. Try to enjoy yourself with your money, while making it grow and last a long time.

  1. How I See the World. The internet has turned the world into a small community. Isolated incidents have become world-wide events. In 2015, I’m going to try to let no one news story ruin my day. I’m also going to try not to react before I’ve educated myself on the issue at hand. To help balance out all the current event chatter, I’m going to read about history, of my nation, my region, and the world. I want to understand today in a broader context, to feel in a deeper way that today’s problems are just blips on the radar, not to diminish their importance, but to understand them in their proper context.

These are my goals for taking control of my brain in the midst of hyperactive internet media with It takes some work, but it’s possible to find some solace from all the hype and clickbait, figuring out what I think, what makes me happy, and living that life with confidence. I hope 2015 is great for you and that you make the changes you want.

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