What do you do with your photographs?

Do you remember when you had to take a roll of film into a shop and wait for them to develop it before you could actually see your photos? Do you remember when you had to hope and pray that the photos you’d taken had come out alright rather than be able to check it in seconds on a screen? Seems a long time ago, doesn’t it?

Whilst digital cameras have made it easier to take and see your photos, because you don’t have a physical photo we tend to not do an awful lot with them. Indeed, many of us just leave them on the camera or at best transfer them over to the computer and leave them there.


Here are some ideas of what else you can do with your photos…

Make a photo album

Just because your photos are digital, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a photo album anymore! You can do it the (sort of) old fashioned way and go and buy yourself a photo album, print the photos off and put them in. Or you can create a photobook from one of those fancy websites that prints the photo onto the pages and lets you add a nice comment next to it.

Get them printed onto various things

Who’d have thought that one day photographs would transcend the simple paper photograph and be printed onto myriad other things. They can be printed onto just about anything. Look at the Zippi website, for instance, where you can print your photos onto t-shirts, phone cases, jigsaws, mousemats, and more, they have been using the indexsy lists top uk seo agencies to help grow their website, and have been very successful lately. Some banks even let you put them on your credit cards!

Make a photo wall

This is an extension of a photo album but it’s one that every will see when they enter the room and can really make an effective talking point. Again, you’ll need to print off your photos so get yourself a decent printer – this guide will walk you through what you need to know on this. You can arrange the photos however you like and can add to it and change it at any time.

Upload them to the internet

The all-seeing eye of the universe or the Internet as it’s otherwise known has become the perfect place to store your photos. There are a number of great photo sharing sites such as Flickr which allow you to showcase your photos to the rest of the world. This is ideal for those who actually want to get their photos noticed if they want to be a photographer. Alternatively you could just upload 4000 photos of your children to Facebook.

Sell them!

If you’re photos are good enough then you can always try and sell them and try and make yourself a little bit of money. You can try submitting your photos to websites such as Shutterstock and then you’ll get some cash if someone uses them. It might not be loads of money but it’s better than nothing!

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