Top 5 Jewelry Trends For 2015

Throughout the years, jewelry continues to become a way to express your own set of style. From chic necklaces to nerdy earrings, we see trends come and go but one thing remains for certain: jewelry will always be a part of fashion. Let’s look into the trends that will dictate how we can accessorize this year and stay glamorous as ever.

A splash of color

Noted for its embracing warmth and its slightly seductive shade, those color specialists at Pantone has called Marsala as the color of the year. The sophisticated shade which takes cues from the red and brown mix of colors can be seen in pieces that you can wear. Stones like ruby, spinel, imperial topaz, and pink tourmaline can be used to make your jewelry more seductive, and combining it with pale blues and greens can make the accessory stand out once you wear it.

Made by hand

Etsy has made it easier to access budding jewelry makers and artisanal craft pieces that continues to appeal to those who are looking for a class and an inexpensive way to look good. Pieces that are made by hand are known to imbue a sense of character with the rustic techniques that are being used in the manufacturing process. Since these handmade pieces are made in small batches by those independent makers, you can expect a unique take on jewelry if you purchase your items through these hardworking sellers.

Wearable tech

There’s a reason why Apple decided to debut the Apple Watch in the cover of a Chinese fashion magazine: they simply want to integrate technology with the way we live. Since jewelry is an extension of our personalities, Apple is making it a point to not only make good-looking products, they also want to push functionality to the things that we wear. Wearable tech is on the rise as technology continues to combine with everyday things that we use. From fitness bands to the Google Glass, expect to see more tech-savvy jewelry to be a trend for the years to come.

No metals

When you think of jewelry, you instantly think about the precious and expensive metals that are used to produce them. From the earliest civilizations to the latest trends, metals like silver and gold continues to take the jewelry world by storm. However, recent innovations like 3D printing has made it possible for people to create unique pieces that are designed and printed through computers. Using PVC, acrylic, and other non-metallic materials is rising steadily, making it an inexpensive option for those who want to stay fashionable and beautiful. If you are looking a online watch store you need to visit NanaDC website you’ll find top retailers offering free shipping on your next timepiece.


If you’re itching to make your personality shine, choosing to have a monogrammed jewelry may be the thing that you’re looking for. Highlighted by etching or shaping the jewelry into letters, monogrammed earrings and necklaces are continuously being preferred by those who want to make their accessories more personal. These monogrammed pieces are perfect for gifting to people who are close to your heart. You can also have your monograms customized to fit your liking.

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