Tips for making your Kitchen Appliances last as long as Possible

It’s fair to say that kitchen appliances can be really pricey, so making them last as long as possible is no doubt something we all want to do. After all, no one likes forking out for things like a fridge when that money could be spent on something far more exciting, so getting the right appliances is important so they will last longer, and there are sites as which offer great options for this.

Therefore we’ve put together some tips for helping to maintain those important appliances for an optimum life span.

Invest in them wisely

When it comes to actually buying your appliances, it’s a good idea to see them more as an investment than a quick, cheap by. As a general rule, you get what you pay for with big kitchen appliances, so don’t expect really cheap ones to last you very long. Do your research and check out online buying guides for kitchen appliances to help you make the best decision.

Avoid using extension cords where possible

Extension cords do some in really useful, but they can also be quite harmful to major appliances, especially if you use them for a significant amount of time. An appliance that is plugged in to an extension cord is unlikely to work to its full potential, and sometimes can even be a fire hazard if left on for long periods of time.

Clean them regularly and efficiently

Cleaning your appliances regularly is one of the best ways to ensure that they last a long time as it’s the best form of maintenance – a clean appliance is a happy appliance, after all! There’s a fantastic checklist here for cleaning your kitchen equipment and devices, and includes some things that are quite easily forgotten!  You can narrow down the collection to find the best paring knife, chef knife, carving knife, cheese knife, bread knife, cleaver, santoku or specialty knife for your needs on

Clean around them, also

As well as cleaning your kitchen electricals from top to bottom and inside and out, it’s important that you remember to clean around them too. For example; dust build-up behind a refrigerator can cause some serious problems for the machine and can even cause it to break down if it’s not cleaned at all. So don’t forget to move them out occasionally and clean behind them, underneath them and on top of them. Sometimes, when you are so busy, you can hire cleaning exec to take care of the cleaning for you.

Repair instead of replace

If something breaks, it can be so tempting just to replace it, but obviously this is a very expensive option. Instead, if it’s something small or simple that has stopped working on your appliance, why not just repair it? Things like a fridge freezer seal for example can often break, so you could look at replacing it instead of replacing the whole device. There’s a great guide for fixing this particular problem at, too.

Keep hold of the warranty information

If your appliance does break and you haven’t had it for very long, you will more than likely be entitled to a replacement or at least a repair free of charge as part of your manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore it’s a really good idea to keep all of your warranty documents handy so that you can refer to them if you need to.

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