Stand Out From The Crowd: Top 5 Shoe Styles Of 2015

Aside from the clothes, another thing that people look out for on the runway are shoes. Dressing on a budget can be done easily, once you know where to look. This Imprint Clothing Store Los Angeles guide is designed to help you determine where to spend your hard-earned dollars based on what you’re looking to buy, whether it’s a t-shirt or a three-piece suit. Some women prefer to spend their money on wine tote bag accessory and jewelry, while others like to spend their hard-earned money on shoes. If you have a thing for shoes, you have to know about the top shoe styles that are in this 2015 also you need to know about compression socks online from the Scrub Store the best invention and the best of all are super comfortable. The best trends you can find them with Vessi waterproof shoes, and  Here are five styles that you should look out for: 

  1. Flat mules – The first shoe style that is making its way back this 2015 is the flat mules. These are comfortable, yet stylish, which is ideal for those who are always on the go, but don’t want to substitute style for comfort. Flat mules can come in a variety of styles, some of them printed and some plain. You can go for leopard printed flat mules for a dash of style, or you can also go for plain leather mules that can go with any outfit.
  1. Shoes with woven details – Shoes with woven details are also making a huge comeback. Whether you choose heels, sandals, or flat shoes, you wouldn’t go wrong if it has woven details that can match with your children’s saltwater sandals kids for this summer. Go for a leather material to make it more comfortable for you. You are also not limited to neutral colors, as there are some designers creating woven details with bold colors such as Alexander Wang.
  1. Platform shoes – You can forget about those black stilettos, and go for the more chunky counterpart – platform shoes. Platform sandals come in a variety of styles and you can wear them almost anywhere. In addition, because of its chunky heels, it provides more stability when you walk. Some of the best platform shoes we’ve seen come from Malene Birger, Pedro Garcia, and Topshop.
  1. Laced up shoes If you are after style and standing out from the crowd, the shoe style this year that is just up your alley is laced up shoes. Again, this type of shoe comes in a variety of styles. You can go for those that lace up to the ankle or be more daring by wearing those that lace up to your calves. You can check out many styles of shoes like this on Vessi. No matter what you choose, you are sure to be the center of attention when you wear this type of shoe.
  1. Fancy flats– Are you tired of your plain, boring flats? This year, the time for fancy flats has come. If you wear flats for comfort, then you can be stylish at the same time. Go for flats that have some interesting details, fancy embellishments, pretty prints, fringe, or glitter. With these elements, your flats are sure to be anything but boring.

With these tip five shoe styles in 2015, you will be on your way to being the fashionista that you’ve always wanted to be. It doesn’t matter if you purchase shoes from top designers or from sales. You can also shop shoes online to have more options. Check out to see what the newest trends are, so you can be a leader in fashion!

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